Ballantine’s Championship – 50th anniversary

Ballantine’s heeft speciaal voor het 50-jarige jubileum van het Ballantine’s Golf Championship een 36 jaar oude blended Whisky op de markt gebracht.

Er worden 20 stuks van verkocht, waardoor deze fles een ultra-luxe collectors-item zal worden! Er is voor deze fles en schitterende verpakking: 24 karaat goud, leer en mahony gebruikt.

The Core has created the exclusive limited edition pack for Ballantine’s Championship Blend 2010: a priceless Scotch whisky blended specially for the 50th anniversary of the first Ballantine’s golf tournament.

Only 20 of the ultra-luxe packs – which feature 24-Carat gold, real leather and solid mahogany – exist. The packs are currently on display around the world.

One was given to the tournament’s first Champion; another will be presented to the winner of this year’s Championship, which takes place in Korea this April.

Inspired by an antique leather golf caddy, the presentation box is handmade from solid mahogany with an embossed leather frontispiece.

“We managed the manufacturing process ourselves to ensure quality” explains Andy Atkins – Design Director The Core.

The typography is finished with 24-Carat gold foil-blocking. The bottle, which bears a beautiful, gold-plated collar, is engraved and sealed with wax.

Both coffret and bottle are individually numbered and feature the 50th Anniversary logo – also designed for the Championship by The Core.

The Ballantine’s Championship 2010 runs from 22 April to Sunday 25 April 2010; Pinx Golf Club, Jeju Island, Korea.

It is Asia’s fourth biggest golf tournament and the largest sporting event in Korea.

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